Peek-a-boo, Pussy!

2 November
Formerly pinkslavekitten

I am a 26 year old living in the L.A. area. I make BDs/M toys/gear to help make ends meet! I work with leather, plastic, nylon, silk, satin, velvet, fur, fleece, cotton, rubber and metal.

Once in a blue moon I'll auction off a pair of my panties with a photo of me wearing them. Or I'll just send them to anyone interested.

BDS/M has always been a part of my life. I have almost always been in some kind of S/M relationship or another. That would be one of the main reasons I started this journal. I want to share these interests with others of like minds weather it be in a community or in my own posts.

I use to work at a club in Hollywood as a domme. I was there for several years and had a great group of subs! I was formally trained for 2 years before I ever played as a domme. I was a house slave to my Dom and his wife, my Mistress. They wanted me to experience everything my subs were to feel. I feel very strongly that a dom should bottom before they ever top another. But there are a few tops out there that are very good at what they do and have never been topped themselves, so I don't inforce this on anyone but my own subs.

That leads me to state that this IS a "Friends Only" journal. This is for one simple fact... Most of my entries will/are of a sexual nature. If you want to be added please comment to the first post and I will add you to my friends list if I deem it fit. I have to keep the kiddies away some how...

I don't necessarily condone anything I write about. But I will write about whatever I want. If it offends, I'll probably write it more. Deal.